There are many foods that help remove toxins from the body. It is important to do a detox or cleanse at least once every year to flush out and remove the build up of toxins. This is very important if you eat a lot of sugar, processed food or drink alcohol or are a smoker.

The good thing is that a natural body detox can be done easily at home and all you need to do is add some certain foods into your diet that have been known to detox your body of unwanted toxins.

Below is a list of what to eat to remove toxins from the body to help remove waste and toxins, especially from your liver. When on any type of natural body cleanse make sure you drink plenty of pure water, at least 8 glasses a day. Drinking warm water with lemon juice in it will help keep your digestive system working better.

Another tip to help remove toxins when on a cleanse is to have hot showers or baths and to do some exercise that makes you sweat.

Celery is a great blood cleanser and contain many anti cancer properties to help you stay healthy. It is especially needed to remove toxins that are commonly found in cigarette smoke.

Cranberries have anti viral and antibiotic substances that can help cleanse your urinary tract. They can also remove harmful bacteria and viruses if taken regularly.

Flaxseeds or Flaxseed Oil are great for cleansing the body and contain essential fatty acids, especially omega 3's.

Add garlic to your meals as they are a powerful and can detox your blood and intestines.They can also remove intestinal parasites, harmful bacteria and viruses from your body. It also has anti oxidant and anti cancer properties and can remove any buildup that is in your arteries.

Only eat fresh garlic when eating it, such as putting it in your salad dressing as powdered garlic does not have the same healthy benefits. Other benefits garlic has during a detox is that it can cleanse your respiratory system and remove excess mucous from the sinuses and lungs.

Ruby red grapefruit contains pectin fiber that can help cleanse the blood of impurities. It also helps remove heavy metals from your body. It is also a powerful liver and intestinal detoxifier and can remove harmful viruses from the body.

Kale is great for cleansing harmful substances from the body and has antioxidant and anti cancer compounds. It is also high in fiber to help clean your digestive tract and aids the liver for better removal of toxins. It can also detox out toxins commonly found in cigarette smoke.

By adding foods that help remove toxins from the body you will be able to feel a lot better and have more energy. Another tip is to increase the amount of vitamin C in your diet, either by getting them from the food you eat or taking a supplement.

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